Fortelock PVC Tiles – 9 Product families

Fortelock Industry. -Recommended as a garage floor or workshop floor for rooms that are subject to high loads. For floors that are resistant, high-quality and quickly laid and renovated. These are especially in the industrial sector; Garages, workshops, pharmaceutical industry, watch manufactory, warehouses and distribution areas. The Fortelock PVC tiles are a much cheaper and more resistant solution than two-component paint or synthetic resin flooring. Has a glossy finish.

Fortelock Ultra -The Industry Range has now been extended with the new Ultra tile which takes floor tiles to another dimension. More material, tile is now 10mm thick instead of 7mm’s with same outside dimensions as the ‘Industry’ tile is now basically indestructible with typical applications where heavy Forklift trucks with small wheels are in operation. Tiles no longer need to be glued up to max weight of 5 Tons. (see Technical data sheet for authorised applications).

Fortelock ECO– Our ECO – Recycled material – Tiles with the same characteristics as the Industry Tiles but the surface is not as shiny and homogeneous as the Industry Tiles and are only available in black, graphite and grey.

Fortelock XL– The XL Tile has the same load carrying characteristics as the Industry Tile however it is larger (65 x 65cm instead of 50 x 50cm) and thinner (4mm instead of 7mm) and is available only with a skin surface

Fortelock ESD -As part of our product portfolio of homogeneous tiles the ESD series meet the requirements for electrical properties. Fortelocks’ ESD tiles excel in great electrical conductivity and are suitable for the rooms where electrostatic discharges need to be avoided or eliminated. The tiles come with an earthing kit as well as conducting foils which are laid below the ESD tiles to ensure full conductivity

ESD applications: • laboratories, chemical industry • hazardous areas • electrotechnical industry • pharmaceutical industry • automotive industry • Digital watch industry • and rubber industries.

Fortelock Business -This new range of PVC floor tiles comes in 6 different motives; Elias T32 and T93, Galibier T95, Pinnacle T98, Oak Ribbon T89 and Primo Grey. Each of them come with a locking system color of either beige, brown or graphite. The 6 variations replicate three types of wood, 2 types of dark granite and one for gravelstone.

Application: Halls, corridors, public spaces, offices, work rooms, showrooms, staff facilities, shops, fairs, restaurants, schools, hospitals, households and hotels.

Fortelock Invisible – The new ‘Fortelock Invisible’ PVC floor tiles have been designed to meet the most demanding needs of any user. You can use these homogeneous tiles with concealed composite system for commercial, civil, residential and storage rooms. In the development of the floor, particular attention was paid to the efficiency of the subsequent use, the expediency and ease of installation. High resilience of the material against stress, non-slip surface, perfect composite system that holds the tiles, chemical resistance, specially designed design that makes the cleaning easy and last but not least the drainage channel system Air Flow, which prevents water retention under the floor and ensures its ventilation. These are just a few advantages

Fortelock Print Granite – – The Granite collection offers 3 basic patterns of grainy print, Quartz, Grey and Black, each varying in grain size density. These designs add an optical aspect to your floor not possible when only one colour is used. The collection is printed on a modern UV printer and 3x painted with a UV varnish which improves abrasion resistance and cleanability.

Print Custom – With the Print custom tile the customer now can choose his very own imprint (pictures of literally anything, favorite landscape, car, pet or motive. Just like with the Print granite tile the motive is imprinted on the base tile and secured with UV varnish to prolong surface life and protect against UV rays.


Swisstrax tile has a load capacity of up to 25 tonnes / m2, can handle an even wider range of chemicals, is non-slip, easy to lay without sticking, UV resistant inks are ideal for outdoor use on terraces and balconies.

Ribtrax – Rounded and open tile available in 19 different colours. Our most used tile. Suitable for garages, workshops, showrooms and much more.

Smoothtrax Flat top and open tiles available in different colours. Also suitable for garages, workshops, detailing centers it is a bit easier to clean due to the flat surface. It does not however create the same optical effect as the Ribtrax tile.

Diamondtrax Closed tile with rippled surface available in six different colours. Suitable for garages, showrooms, podiums

VinyltraxTiles with imitation parquet available in six different imitations (oak, maple and pine) , carbon, marble and polished concrete.

Graphitrax The design of this tile allows for company logos per tile or up to 80cm x 120cm (6 tiles)

Hestra – A plastic tile (30.8cm x 30.8cm x 2.7cm) ideal for indoor and outdoor logias such as balconies, terraces, around swimming pools and in Saunas. The easy DIY tile comes in 6 different colours.

Universa – Similar to the Hestra tile the Universa has a slightly different pattern however same overall characteristics as the Hestra tile. For use indoors in storage rooms, basements and garages. This is to DYI tile comes in 6 different colours.

Event – A rugged floor tile ( 50 x 50 x 2.7cm) for indoor and outdoor public events such as trade fairs, temporary exhibit halls, concerts, party tents, vaccination centers, as well as outdoor concerts. Gives a professional look and feel to any showroom floor. Easy to assemble and use in uneven underfoot conditions. Made from PP regranulate. Available with a smooth or perforated surface.

Heavy – A heavy duty and rugged PVC tile for indoor and outdoor applications. Comes in several sizes 1200mm x 800mm x 12 – 43mm. Typical applications include Manufacturing and warehousing facilities, Farming and Agriculture!, Stables for horses, winter stadiums, sports and cultural events. Also please add the Mosolut logo like you have for the Fortelock and Swisstrax titles.

Fitness – A range of rubber floor tiles, ideal for home exercise and fitness centers. Our puzzle boards come in 2 sizes, 50cm x 50cm and 100cm x 100m and three thicknesses, 8, 10 and 16mm., suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Also part of the range are our Tatami bicolor (red and blue) mats (100cm x 100cm and either 2cm or 4cm thickness. These are made out of high quality EVA Foam, ideal for martial arts, combat sports and any other activity that requires softer underfoot conditions.