Give your garage a new youth!

    You do not need glue, joints or special tools: the floor tiles transform your garage in just a few hours. The floor plates for the garage are easy to install and offer many years of protection.

    Resistant floor tiles.

    Our garage tiles meet the highest standards and are subject to constant quality controls. They also offer a high load capacity (25 T / m2) thanks to a high-quality manufacturing. Each plate is reinforced by four injection points. These garage plates withstand oil, engine oil and battery acid. So you have nothing to fear for their durability!


    Does your workshop need a floor that is as durable as it is durable?

    The floor plates for the garage are meant for you. With a load capacity of 25 T per m2, which guarantees a constant strength (thanks to 4 injection points per unit), these floor plates are the indispensable partner of your mechanical work. Easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to clean and very durable – these panels will meet all your needs. A real design workshop!

    Easy-to-install floor plates for your mechanical workshop

    Say goodbye to chemical adhesives and tools of all kinds: The plates are clamped together with a hand pressure on the ground. Regardless of the size of your mechanical workshop, you can install it in just a few hours with a small team (or alone). Your new workshop is ready to use and can accommodate cars, motorcycles or other vehicles. And as a bonus, you can break it down in a few gestures!


    Show you are up to the challenge with Swisstrax tiles for Motorsports events/.

    Motorsports events  are important events for your brand. You have to be on the track as well as on the outside! To this end, paddock floor tiles give you the opportunity to stand out from the competition by creating optimised areas for your teams, vehicles, partners, press and more. Choose your colours and let your plates look as desired!

    Floor tiles for the paddock: top quality

    Originally from the USA, SWISSTRAX paddock floor tiles are now produced in France for high-level sports competitions. Ideal for all needs: car races, paddocks, VIP areas, etc. That is, they are suitable for high load and extreme temperatures (from -20 to +120 degrees)! In fact, the SWISSTRAX paddock floor tiles offer a superior quality that, thanks to a piece weight of 630 grams, guarantees the stability of your floor. They are intended for intensive and long-term use.


    With Swisstrax floor tiles for the showroom, you enhance your presence.

    You want to give your showroom a new youth? Looking for an attractive material, durable and easy to install? Opt for floor tiles for the showroom! Whether creating or renovating – these panels are easy to clip thanks to a clever anchoring system. With SWISSTRAX floor tiles, your showroom will be a gem!

    Floor for showroom:

    Take care of your floor! The Ribtrax showroom tiles immediately appear aesthetically pleasing thanks to their perforated and ribbed structure. They not only catch the eye of the visitors, they always stay clean: the dust gets through! With this product you can differentiate the area of ​​your showroom, thanks to an original extension. Our floor tiles for showrooms are available in nearly twenty colors and five different finishes: Choose different shades to better show off your showroom or some of your vehicles. And for an even better impression, we can integrate the logo of your company directly on the floor tiles for the showroom!


    A floor for final assembly that meets your highest level of service.

    Welcome your customers to your detailing center like a premium car dealer. Realise the design of your floor according to your taste. Swisstrax tiles  are ideal for a detailing center!

    Let your creativity loose with the 20 colours available! Mix the colours to differentiate certain areas of your center. Realise real work areas, customer reception areas, wash areas and much more.


    Floor tiles for your exhibitions

    If you regularly attend trade shows or business events to showcase your products, here’s an idea: Why not upgrade your products or brand by laying colored floor tiles? Colorful, aesthetic, durable and easy to install panels are the ideal coating for your event presentation!

    Stand out from the competition with Event floor tiles

    With a Swisstrax floor, you can distinguish yourself from other stalls thanks to an original and attractive cover. By mixing the colors, you will be attracted by visitors. And if you want, we can put the logo of your brand on the plates for optimal personalization!


    Enhance your outdoor lounge, Terrace or pool with our UV resistant Swisstrax Ribtrax Floor Tiles. If you regularly attend professional events and trade shows, you know that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish yourself from competitors. With SWISSTRAX Floor Tiles for Trade Shows and Lounges you can attract the attention of customers with an innovative coating that will highlight your vehicles in an original way. You can choose your tiles according to the colours of your company / brand and even integrate your logo visibility. In any case, the quality effect is optimal. Your customers only see your !

    Floor tiles for Terraces, balconies and outdoor lounges : maximum comfort and cleanliness

    Our tiles which resist UV rays are ideal for outdoor settings as the colours do ot fade and the tiles do not heat up in the direct sun light. Same applies for outdoor lounges at restaurants or trade fairs. With our SWISSTRAX floor tiles foot comfort is greatly enhanced. The perforated structure of the floor panels lets the dust through, guarantees a constant cleanliness. You do not need to vacuum your floor or terrace every day and in case of rain the floor tiles dry off instantly and remain anti-slip enhancing safety!! In case of a necessary cleaning you only need to disengage one or more plates to wash the surface!


    An attractive podium for your vehicle.

    A vehicle podium for your regular exhibitions. Swisstrax floor tiles attract visitors to your stand. 20 panel colors and 5 different models give you a wide range of options for vehicles of all eras!

    An easy-to-transport automobile platform

    Easily transport your Podium boards thanks to the low weight and space requirements of Swisstrax module boards. The plates weigh uniformly 0.630kg / piece depending on the selected model. You do not need to use a commercial vehicle to transport your plates, the trunk of a car ranges. A podium of ordinary size is 5.20 m long and 2.80 m wide, ie 91 plates only require 4 cartons (61 kg for Ribtrax perforated plates). Mix the colors as you like, the price stays the same!

    A podium for inside and outside

    Use Swisstrax indoor and outdoor slat tiles. However, we recommend that you adapt the disk model to your environment. Outdoor use: We recommend only the model RIBTRAX, the plate with perforated hole structure. This plate allows the natural drainage of liquids (rain) and keeps your floor surface constantly clean. The other panels of the Swisstrax series can be used outdoors, but must be covered.

    Indoor use: The entire Swisstrax range can be used.

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