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    Fortelock Decor is an ideal floor for commercial buildings, schools, offices. Fortelock has an attractive appearance and is highly resilient. It can also be easily installed and maintained. These properties are ideal for retail chains, offices. With variable load capacity, color combinations and designs, Fortelock makes beautiful floors that are easy to maintain and last longer than traditional PVC flooring or carpets.

    Suitable Tiles: Invisible, Home Decor, Decor Business, Decor Solid


    Fortelock is an interesting alternative to standard surfaces on aisles, children’s playrooms, basements and utility rooms thanks to its variable color combinations and designs. Fortelock can also convert an extension or a garage into a living space easily and without much preparation.

    Without any problems with the substrate and thanks to the extremely simple installation, you can get a very durable surface that is easy to maintain and also provides heat and sound insulation to the floor.

    Suitable Tiles: 

    Suitable Tiles: Invisible, Home Decor, Decor Business


    Heavy-duty areas in industry require a particularly durable and easy care floor covering. Fortelock Industry is extremely durable and suitable for driving on forklifts. The high demands placed on industrial flooring, above all in warehouses and production areas, are not just related to physical strain, but equally affect functionality. Color demarcations serve in warehouses and also production halls the optical demarcation of different work areas or product categories as well as the marking of transport routes.

    In addition, the ease of maintenance: A falling pallet or damage caused by the improper moving heavy metal crates represent an everyday danger for industrial floor coverings.

    It is important here that the industrial floor can also be easily and quickly repaired and can be laid quickly without disturbing the operation!

    Suitable tiles: Industry , ECO


    Fortelock is a highly resilient sports floor that resists mainly impacting dumbbells and other sports equipment. Thanks to its toughness and flexibility at the same time, it actively reduces the stress on the joints while at the same time protecting the substrate beneath the tiles and, last but not least, insulating and isolating heat and sound.

    With variables of different loads, color combinations and designs, Fortelock creates beautiful floors that are easy to maintain and last longer than other floor coverings or carpets.

    ​Suitable tiles: 
    Industry , Light
    and Decor Home


    One of the main selling points for an industrial  flooring is certainly the resilience and resistance of the flooring.

    The injection presses guarantee a homogeneous and compact construction, which allows the tiles to withstand a pressure load of up to 520 kg / cm²  (according to EN ISO 604-1) without difficulty .

    Likewise, the surface is resistant to abrasion and insensitive to impact damage.  High demands placed on the industrial flooring, above all in vehicle workshops, not only relate to the physical load, but equally affect the functionality. In addition, the ease of maintenance: A daily contamination or damage caused by the improper moving heavier components pose an everyday danger for industrial floor coverings.

    Conventional workshop floors such as concrete substrates or epoxy resin coatings are not only to be left to a professional in the laying, but stop the ongoing operation for several hours or days. With Fortelock, you save yourself any drying time when laying loose. Thanks to the plug-in connection, our tiles can also be easily laid by the layman without disrupting ongoing operation.

    Especially in small to medium-sized workshops a loose installation is completely sufficient. For larger objects, an additional bond can be quite sensible. Please consult our  installation instructions.

    ​Suitable tiles: Industry,ECO, Print, ESD


    The conventional garage floor made of concrete has to endure a lot: strong temperature fluctuations, high point load among other things by heavy duty racks, contact with engine oil and other chemicals, falling tools, a high degree of pollution and moisture and of course the daily burden of cars, motorcycles and Co.

    ​In addition, thanks to our AirFlow system, water that has been carried in from outside can easily drain away – moisture and mildew are taken care of. Another important point in workshops is the non-slip properties that Fortelock naturally offers (according to EN 13893). All these external influences affect not only the longevity of the concrete floor, but also its appearance. Remedy our Fortelock PVC tiles for car garages in all sizes. Both the small home garage and larger garages for several commercial vehicles such as fire trucks and trucks can benefit from the technical and visual qualities of the Fortelock PVC garage tiles!

    Suitable tiles: Industry , ECO and Light

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