Morefloor News

  • Fortelock is pleased to announce its new ‘ Business Collection‘ of vinyl tiles.

    The Business Collection combines the unique properties of Fortelock tiles and topline products of heavy-duty vinyl floor coveringsā€˜ global manufacturers. A wide selection of designs, ease of installation, minimal water permeability and high durability are just some of the advantages.

    The specially developed and patented unique ZeroGap tile lock system guarantees minimum water permeability and it protection against the ingress of dirt. It also guarantees that the tiles easily fit together when laid out and form one compact whole.

    The tiles come with different colored locking systems to enhance a very finished look of quality joints. As an example Elias T32 comes with beige, Brown or graphite colored locking system.


    Elias T32; Beige, Brown and graphite locking system.


    Elias T93; Beige, Brown and Graphite locking system


    Galibier T95; Beige, Brown and Graphite Locking system

    GalibierT95 Beige


    Ribbon Oak; Beige, Brown and Graphite locking system


    Pure Grey 0651; Beige, Brown and Graphite locking system






  • Speed of delivery was as you promised. Installation instructions were easy to follow and it was much easier to install and fit than I previously thought!