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Morefloor Is The Authorised Dealer For Fortelock And Swisstrax DIY Flooring Systems Since 2016

MOREFLOOR Mission Statement; Offer our clients an innovative , beautiful and high quality affordable floor complementing any open plan space; supported by first class service!

Fortelock PVC Floor Tiles and Swisstrax Polypropylene tiles. without gluing, no preparation, no special tools and always reusable! Ideal for Showrooms, Garages, Workshops, Paddocks (Motorsports), Fitness rooms, Boutiques. Warehouses, Factories as well as Terraces, Balconies and much more.

MOREFLOOR is a Swiss company specialising in FORTELOCK and SWISSTRAX flooring systems for a wide variety of industries, offering a first class Electrostatically conductive PVC tiles, high quality floor service after sales service. Our Products are manufactured in Europe. Garage floor, Workshop floor, Industrial floor, Fitness Floor, Basement floor, Outdoor floor, you name it we got it! We offer a free and fast quote!

Morefloor Is an independent Swiss entity in the business of promoting do-it-yourself flooring systems. As the Authorised Dealer for three different types of floor tiles we promote ourselves across all of Switzerland. We have a digital presence in German, French, Italian and English and are active across a wide range of industry sectors. We all participate in trade fairs in all parts of the country.

Every active and inactive business in the developed world has a floor, indoor, outdoor, Industrial, commercial. Each with different needs and requirements. Some have low loading requirements like boutiques and restaurants, others have high frequency and high loading requirements like Transfer stations, Depots, Aircraft hangars or food distribution centers. Some need to be esthetically pleasing to the .eye such as showrooms for automobiles, others just need to be durable, functional with heavy load carrying capability. Still others have a need for antistatic abilities to avoid damaging electronic components or systems. Still others need to be able to withstand a wide range of hydrocarbons and chemicals without staining or changing colors.

The beauty of our Fortelock, Mosolut or Swisstrax floor systems are they can be easily layed by everyone with a little handyman experience. What all our floor systems have in common is that they can be layed without need for specialist tools or specialists.

When required our tiles can be glued to ensure maximum resistance to wear and tear from forklift trucks or pallet carriers.

A unique advantage of our flooring systems is they can be layed without shutting down your business. Start in one side of your workshop you can continue all the while laying your tiles while your business remains open for business. Consider traditional flooring systems like 2 component paint or resin floors. Your business needs to be shut down sometimes for several days or weeks while the resins and paint dry. With our flooring systems the moment the tiles are played they can walked on, driven and fully loaded. The other beauty is there is no preparation required to lay our floor tiles. Just ensure the existing floor is flat and clean and a quick vacuum and you are ready to go.

Some of our tiles from Swisstrax, say the Ribtrax tiles and most of those from Mosolut are UV resistant and can layed outdoors around pools, terraces, driveways, events like concerts, playgrounds without fading colors or weather related deterioration.

We have today categorized our market into 8 prime sectors; Garages, Floors for Fitness centers and Gym, Business premises, Production facilities, Homes (Indoors and outdoors) , Trade fairs and events, Antistatic operations and finally Showrooms and Motorsports. For each category we have highlighted the appropriate tile based on the specific category in each sector. The client can than choose what suits him best which at a click of a button takes him to our online shop.

We also have online simulators the client can use by inputting the dimensions of his space, then choosing various colors of tiles to make his design and come up with a shopping list for an order with us. Its all made easy. He can also send us via email the dimensions of his garage or hangar and we can then calculate m2 requirements for him and provide him or her a comprehensive door to door quote.

Our moto’ In three clicks you can identify your needs and fill your online shopping basket. So what are you waiting for to ‘Get Floored’ with Morefloor!