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Fortelock 2010/2020 – the PVC tiles for the  highest demands .

With our PVC tile collection  Fortelock 2010/2020  , we provide you with a floor solution that is ideal for use in heavily used  garages ,  workshops  and  industrial  halls or  warehouses  . Thanks to the composition of 100% high-quality PVC and the compact construction, the abrasion-resistant, 7-8 mm thick PVC tiles withstand extremely high point and dynamic loads(compressive strength 520 kg / m³ according to  EN ISO 604-1 ) – even the use of Fortelock 2010/2020 will not affect forklifts or electric pallet trucks. In addition to physical resistance, chemicals and oils pose no threat to our soil system EN 423  tested, neither petrol, diesel, acetic acid (18%) nor tartaric acid (250 g / hl) sustainably affect the quality of plastic tiles.

And if you manage to contaminate your Fortelock workshop or garage floor thanks to splashed paint, the individual tiles can be easily removed from the composite and replaced – the ingeniously simple loose laying system makes it possible. Speaking of color: If commercially available coverings for use in garages, workshops and Co. usually in boring shades such as grayish shades, therefore, offers the color playfulness of Fortelock PVC tiles and the two selectable surface structures – diamond and leather – plenty of room for a functional as well as creative floor design. Try out our floor planner and easily create your virtual flooring on your home computer.

Any questions? Then contact us! We help you to find the perfect floor solution for your area of ​​application and provide you with a tailored offer through our distribution partners.

Areas of application



Factories and magazines

Railway stations and airports


passenger terminal

Shopping centers


distribution centers


Garages for heavy technology

Police and fire stations

Sports Langen


Exhibition and stalls

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Dimensions 1 m